As some of you know by now, I am a mother, a crafter, and I’m definitely a little crazy. I’ve decided that in addition to having my business, raising my kiddos and being a bomb diggity wife, I’m adding a blog! I want to chronicle my journey now that I’ve actually stuck to my biz for nearly a year.

My anniversary is next month.Not my marriage (that’s actually in two days) but in just 21 days Crazy Couture Crochet will have been open for business for a year. Its a good time to start reflecting, and building as I look forward to as many years as my hands can handle.

I am not just a mom, a crafter, and crazy, but I’m also managing chronic illness. I have Fibromyalgia. Which, for the record, is not fun. My husband jokes that I’m just like an old lady, sitting with my tea most evenings, crocheting away on items from mermaid tail blankets Available Here to cat/dog butt coaster sets. Yes. I make them. They are at my store.  Starting in January I am also adding FREE patterns, right here, so that fellow hookers (that’s people who crochet to you non-loopy people) can spread the joy! So follow me on this journey. There will be contests, and prizes, jokes, and tears. I look forward to this adventure with you as we celebrate our first year!