Something I have found to be profoundly important is to make sure you do something –be it daily, weekly, monthly, annually- periodically, that makes YOU happy. All too often, especially as a parent, I find myself constantly catering to the needs and desires of others. I cater to my kids (to a point, but if you ask them I am the meanest mother ever!) and to my husband. I cater to my friends and family. I cater to my customers. I even cater to my DOG before I will do something for myself.

I have found that when I am feeling burned out, tired, exhaustipated, the best thing I can do to give myself a little pick me up is to do a little something for myself.

Sometimes its as simple as rocking out to a song with no interruptions. Or new nail polish (and even APPLYING IT!) or a face mask after I have willed my minions to bed (the force is strong with the chunky one).

When that’s not enough I workout. Which often resembles some sort of exorcism in my living room, but you get the idea.

Then there’s what I consider the major refill of my mom-tank, dropping the kids off with the sitter for a couple of hours while I window shop, get a coffee, or whatever– ALONE TIME.

I have been slacking lately taking care of myself. That’s a problem.

I’ve decided to set some goals for myself, that I can actually accomplish- some short term some long term.

1. Workout twice a week. (Short term goal– long term affect)

2. Plan some me time once a week. No crochet. No kids. Maybe the dog.

3. Buy new nail polish and give myself a manicure. (this will probably happen today.)

Here is my challenge for you— Set 3 goals for YOURSELF, that you think you’ll actually accomplish. Share them here if you’d like. 🙂