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FLASH SALE CODE!!!!! — January 9, 2016


So today marks 15 years since the day my sweet but not so little nephew, Ian, was born. I love that kid to pieces.

So. To celebrate ( not that he cares, he just wants some Krispy Kreme donuts and junk food, lol) I’m offering 15% off EVERYTHING! YES! MERMAID TAIL BLANKETS TOO!!.

Enter code FLASHSAVE when you check out at My Store.

OR — because Ian likes to have options…

FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.

Who doesn’t love that!? Enter code FREESHIP09

Thanks for shopping and celebrating my nephew’s birthday!!

FLASH Sale! —


I’m flashing a smile because I am so excited about tomorrow’s flash sale. I just designed this cute little scarf. It won’t be available until tomorrow for purchase… And DRUM ROLL, PLEASE….


I actually wrote the pattern down and it will be available on Ravelry FOR FREE as soon as its polished up. 🙂

I love the layers, the textures. It’s the perfect pop of color.

Mermaid Tails OH MY! — January 6, 2016

Mermaid Tails OH MY!

By far my favorite thing to make and design are our mermaid tail blankets. I was fortunate enough to have LOTS to make in time for the holidays and I was super excited to do custom colors for many of my orders.


This one is my favorite, though. I made it for a customer named Rachael. She was so awesome to work with, together we customized three Mermaid Tail Blankets. This one is dubbed “Totally Teal”. I love how rich and oceany the colors are. I want to make one for myself. Ha-ha.

What do you think? Totally Rad or Totally BAD?

Happy New Year! — January 1, 2016